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If you  noticed, I brought down all adsense scripts from my site.This is because I want to get the approval of the most elusive Paid Post Company, PayU2Blog. Someone told me that blogs with no adsense have high chances of getting approved so following her advise, I took off all my my adsense ads.

I’ve tried registering to their site for several times now, but I never get approved :D.  But since I get good feedback about this paid post company, I really want to get my site approved. Aside from that, their way of sending opps fits my schedule. I don’t have to bid or go to their site to get opps, they will send it directly to my email. In that way, I don’t have to waste time searching for opps. I really hope that this time, I will get their favor and they will approve my humble site.

If you are blessed to be part of Payu2Blog Bloggers, please share your tips on how to get approved by this company 😉 I would love to hear from you.


31 thoughts on “PayU2Blog Registration

  1. ajo din ilang dekada na nagaaply pero wala pa din..anyway sinu may gusto ng direct advertiser? leave me a message please.

  2. ilang beses na in ako nagapply, na-ban kasi ako sa payu2blog hindi ko inayos mga posts ko hahaha!
    nagrereapply ako, nagreply lang once si heath then hinddi na ulit. wtf

    anyways, tinanggal ko na mga ads ko sa socialspark,etc.
    malaki din magbigay ng opps socialspark 🙂

  3. Hy Mylene, I followed you on Twitter because I wanted to send you a DM, but was unable to do so. My username is ely1300. I was supposed to ask kung ilang beses ka nag-try mag-apply sa PayU2blog? I submitted my blog last week, but I haven’t received any reply from them, yet. Ilang days/weeks inantay mo bago ka nag-apply ulit? And may I ask kung ilang beses ka nag-fill out ng application form nila? Cenxa na dami tanong., hehe. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Maica,

      The only requirement that Payu2Blog released is the blog should have its domain and self-hosted.

    1. walang specific days eh. Pero if after a week, wala pa submit ka ulit 😀 hehehe ganun lang ginawa ko eh. Dami rin ako attempts until finally maapprove.

  4. Hi, balak ko kasi din mag aapply sa payu2blog ask ko lang need ko ba remove adsense, nuffnang and infolinks kasi yung site ko meron po nun lahat. kindly message me just in case someone was able to read this comment. here’s my blog po pala mattscradle by the way ano po naman yung WOW Philippines

    1. Hi Mao,

      Thanks for the visit. And to answer your question, Yes na approve na po. Try lang ng try. It also took me months before I got their approval.

  5. opps mali po yta kla ko po kay mommyrubz rin po ito..hihihhi top commenter lng po pla sya..hihihi cnsya n po ..hihih ill hope we can get approve rin po sa payu2..thanks po 🙂

  6. wow blog murin po pla to ate..galing mo nman po..kakainspired k po tlga..sna maapprove po ung application ko sa payu2blog..cross fingered..:)

  7. Hi there! I’m just passing through, I found this blog through Google.

    Just letting you know that I was approved very recently for my blog (linked in my name). My blog is very new (about three months old) and they accepted me through the first time I applied.

    I think the key is to not blog about money making. I think they’re looking for non-money making blogs, honestly. Looking at your blog, it’s not bad at all! I like what you’re writing. But they’re picky, so I’ve heard.

    Any way, goodluck with your blog, and hope that they accept you soon. It’s pretty worth it!

  8. Ayaw nila ng blog na mukhang commercialized, mas gusto nila na personal talaga ang dating ng blog mo, walang mga banner at kung ano ano pang klaseng ads na nakakadistract, ok lang kung may iba ka pang paid posting job as long as walang tracking code.They want a CLEAN blog.It takes a while bago sila mag approved ng blog, just keep sending your application.

  9. Wala po akong codes for PPP at social park.

    Sana nga hehehe…

    Nagsend ulit ako sa WOW Philippines, baka d ko lang nareceive ung confirmation.

  10. remove your PPP and social spark codes.. ayaw nila e..

    hopefully, matanggap ka na rin..

    ako tagal din ako nag wait e…

    by the way, i received a confirmation from WOW philippines already.. 🙂

  11. I’m trying to be part of it din. Just wanna ask, conflict ba sa kanila ang blog to profit at blogvertise? Kasi im getting opps and earning from them. But I believe mas maganda daw PayU2blog? Tama ba?

    1. e i d ko rin po alam kung conflict sila with these companies eh. Ang alam ko lang na ayaw nila yung mga popping ad and ung script ng PPP.

      I really wish they would share the reasons why they decline the blog so we can work it out 😉

  12. Ako halos one year but it is worth it to wait. Now nakareceive na ng opps isa lang at first blog ko doon but i tried to submit the other blog tanggap ang isa but the other one no kasi marami ako giveaway, contest, deals, finds sa nasubmit ko hehhe. Pero 2 blogs ngayon sa payu2 wow minsan 10-15 opps ko. Then recently i tried to submit 3 of my other blogs then sabi ni Margie yong taga review sa blogs she will be going to review this week. Pray matanggap tayo. Si mommy Ruby eh 10 blogs na tanggap sa payu2 kumita siya ng malaki sa payu2 then si amy bisdak siya 4 blogs 20-30 opps din sa kanya basta mga Inday it is worthy to wait and always submit your blog….

    Sa design sa blog gusto nila attractive sa advertisers heheeh then yon ang ppp na codes ayaw ng advertiser nila kaya if may ppp ka delete mo na kasi pagmayroon pa di yan accepted…. Ok hope it helps…

    1. Wow! 10 blogs, wow! Sana ako rin ma approve, isa lang naman ang sinasubmit ko 😀

      Wala akong PPP codes pero meron akong opps from payperpost.

      I am wondering what is the template na attractive sa advertisers.

  13. i am also trying to get approval sa ibang review sites. I hope magkaroon din ako ng mga opps.

  14. Kelan lang ako naaprub diyan after so many attempts din. sabi nga ng ibang bloggers bawal sa kanila ang ads/pop out ads ng ibang paid post companies.

    sana matanggap na rin ang blog mo soon. marami silang binibigay na assignments at tama ka di mo na kailangan magbid pa gaya sa ibang companies.

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