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Asthma strikes again!

  • Sumo

Daughter is sick again. It wasn’t very long when she had coughs and now she’s knocked-out with another bout of coughs, fever and asthma.

Her coughs and asthma started last Saturday. Thanks to MERALCO for the eight hours of power outage after announcing to he  news programs that there will be no more scheduled two to three hours of brown-outs until June because the supply of electricity is enough within the metro. True to their words, no more scheduled two to three hours brown-out because the brown out is no longer scheduled and not just three hours but eight hours! Because of the brown-out, from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon, we were not able to nebulize Ezka which aggravated her cough.

She had thrown up six times since Sunday morning because of phlegm but her condition did not get better the whole day. We were not able to attend church yesterday because she’s irritated and crying the whole time. I was afraid that she would disturb the worship service. And leaving the house might just worsen her condition.

Her last thrown up last night, allowed her to have better breathing and longer sleep interval between coughs. I’m hoping and continuously praying that her condition will continue to get better so we don’t need to bring her to the hospital, a place where I dreaded to step on.

Early evening yesterday, I was already planning to bring her to the hospital where my coupled neighbors are both resident nurses. I already inquired if there are consultants available even on Sundays. I was advised to observe my daughter’s condition the whole night and to administer a Paracetamol every four hours. If there will be no improvement, we can rush Ezka directly to the ER this morning. The husband nurse will on be duty today and can assist us and refer us to the chief pediatrician on-duty.

We brought Eza this morning to the hospital and her blood was examined. Praise and thanks be unto God because it is just viral. No need for antibiotic. We need to continue administering Lagundi and Paracematol. She is for follow-up on Thursday.

Ezka’s condition is getting better by God’s grace. I am hoping and praying that she’ll be completely okay before Thursday so we don’t need to go back. I really hate hospitals hehehe…


3 thoughts on “Asthma strikes again!

  1. naku, really ang hirap talaga sis, kaya lagi akong pasiguro na may gamot ako sa bahay, so if ever (if ever naman, hopefully hindi na maulit na mag ka asthma ako, i have my nebulizer ready na )

    Oh, about the hosting, i got it from Mommy Riza. Actually, matagal na namin yung pinagusapan, ngayon lang na conceptualize.

  2. its so difficult when asthma strikes.. my daughter just had her attack 2 weeks ago…

    and the brownout is going to make it worst 🙁

    anyway, hope she is better now…

  3. Uy kawawa naman si Ska. I hope she’s ok now. Ang init ng panahon grabe tapos mawawalan pa ng kuryente. ito nga na may electric fan mainit pa rin. sala sa init pa naman ang hika. kaya pala di ka nakaka-pagupdate walang ilaw sa inyo, may sakit pa si Ska.

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