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  • Sumo

I am happy because my weight-loss efforts already gained some fruits. I’ve already lost 1.6kg. Yipeee!  This is the first time that I’ve lost some pounds since I give birth. And because my effort to control my rice intake is not in vain, I decided to continue my eating habit. I will only eat rice in the morning and just supplement it with veggies, fish and fruits on the other meals. I also tried to eat boiled banana the whole day but I didn’t work for me.  But I felt so starved. So I didn’t do it again. I really need rice at least once a day.

I also include non-fat milk and yogurt on my diet. I buy the plain yogurt and just add some sliced of fruit. The best combination I have tried so far is yogurt and ripe mango, so yuuummmy! Good thing, ripe mango is cheap nowadays. Sometimes, this served as my dinner or lunch.

Well, some tangible fruits on this weight loss endeavor makes me happy and encourage to go on.  Are you also on the same flight as I am? Have more effective way to shred fats? Let me know and share your results too 😉

5 thoughts on “Weight Loss Update

  1. yes i agree to brown rice bec it has lower glycemic index than white rice, Jasmine rice has the highest. The rule is the higher the GI the faster the food will be broken resulting to increase insulin in the body, thus you will feel starve again. And keep in mind that processed food has higher GI. Look around and everything is FAST, fastfood, processed food, even oats that don’t need cooking, I recommend the one which needs to be cooked. Learned all this in a seminar about Glycemic Index.

  2. This is great news, buti ka pa naka diet na ako di pa pwede, maybe after the operation..hehe!
    Got an award for you, see you

  3. wow sis! good for you! i would like to try that one also… let me see if it will work for me also. thanks for sharing it with us!

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