Plans For My Daughter’s 4th Birthday

  • Sumo

My daughter will be turning four tomorrow. But since her 4th birthday falls on a Sunday, we will just celebrate it on Monday. No big celebration, we will just make the day a little special than the ordinary days to let our daughter feel that her birthday is special to us. We are planning to go on swimming but we haven’t decided yet where. Some of the church members will be joining us.

I will be preparing a special snack for the kids tomorrow just to let my daughter feel that it is her birthday. I bought her preprinted birthday balloons last Friday. We will put air on them later and pin them on the area where we held our Sunday school.

Of course, a child’s birthday celebration is not complete without the cake. I was disappointed that we could not find a Red Ribbon in the downtown. So we ordered the cake from Goldilocks. But the one reserved for us was already the display cake because according to the staff, they don’t know what cake will be delivered to them.

Anyway, more than the celebration, my husband and I are thankful that God blessed us with a daughter, who gives us joy in her own little way. We are thankful that in four years time, God guide us in raising our daughter. He enabled us to provide her needs and sometimes, even her caprices.  My daughter’s birthday is a reminder to us that four years ago, God blessed us with a very special gift.


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