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When it comes to my skin especially on my face, I am a little particular. Since I don’t have a face that would draw a second look, I tried my best to have a smooth skin. But even that, I am not yet successful. There is single or two pimples that comes out from time to time which some leave annoying marks.

I don’t also shift from one brand to another when it comes to face products. I stick to the ones that I’ve been using for quite sometime now. And if ever I want to try a product, I would check first a review from independent users or would ask friends’ comments who have already tried the products. I am cautious because the damage that can be done on my skin can’t be undone or will take time before the skin gets healed. I don’t want to add more damage on my imperfect skin.

I am not vain but like other women, I also like to have a perfect skin. And speaking of perfect skin, do you know that there is a line of acne product whose brand name is Perfect Skin. I don’t know yet if this product stands to its name but good thing, perfect skin reviews are available for those who want to try the product.

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