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Praying For A Son

  • Sumo

My daughter is more than three years old. She is three years old, four months, 20 days, six hours and two minutes as of this writing. She’s been asking for a baby brother as if I can buy one from a supermarket. She frequently asks me if my tummy has a baby inside. I would always tell her that there is no baby in my tummy just fats! In our church, if she sees a baby boy she would command me to borrow the baby and when I carries the baby she would tell me, “gusto ko ng ganito mommy” (I want something like this mommy) while pointing on the baby. She would even tell to take the baby home. That is how she’s eager to have a baby brother.

At her age, my husband and I both believe that it is already okay to have another baby. I am also getting older and the risks of bearing a child as a woman gets older is gets higher too. We had started praying for a baby boy. This is also what I tell to my daughter, that she asks from God for a baby brother because it is God who will give us a baby. But while my Lord has not yet given us the rain, I might start checking out the top prenatal vitamins in preparation for the rain.

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