Less Physical Activities + More Food Intake = High Health Risks

  • Sumo

I noticed nowadays that it usually rains in the afternoon. This prevents me and my daughter to do our usual early evening walk. I’m also busy with my full time work and other online opportunities that I almost sit in front of my computer more than ten hours every day. I only leave my place when I eat or I need to attend to my daughter’s errands. In other words, I have no physical activity that would burn all the fats and calories that I take every day. This is quite alarming. If this daily routine continues, I will end up gaining more weight 🙁 thus, exposing myself to more health risks.

With the kind of job I have, it is really hard to burn calories and fats because my job entails almost no physical activity.While  it is more conducive to eat frequently while sitting. Hmm… So losing some pounds is really challenging for me. Should I just depend on the best weight loss pills to control the widening of my body? But if I will resort to this mean, will it be worth it? Sigh! I guess I have to think about it more carefully before I finally try taking diet pills. If it will be the last solution, I’d probably give it a try.

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