Vegetables – Natural Colon Cleanser

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I am not aware that colon cancer exists until I heard the testimony of the late actress and politician Rio Diaz – Cojuangco, who I think is the first known Filipino who suffered from this illness. That was the only time I learned that such kind of cancer exists. After her, there were other prominent personalities suffered and died from the same illness, and the most recent was the actor Charlie Davao and the most influential was the late President Corazon Aquino.

Since the death of Ms. Rio, more people became aware of this disease. Now, there are establishments and supplements which perform colon cleansing to lower the chance of having this deadly disease. But in fact maintaining a balance diet and healthy lifestyle will bring the same result – lower chance of getting colon cancer.

I can no longer remember who exactly told me, but I remember that a former officemate told me that green leafy vegetables are good colon cleanser. They act as sweep and clean the colon. They also help make defecating easier. It would also help the digestive system to absorb the nutrients of the food we ate if we eat fruits around thirty minutes before our meal. The fruits will prepare the intestine for the full meal that we are about to take.

So if you want to go for natural colon cleansing, try to eat more vegetables and fruits and less meat 🙂

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