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Redesigning Potpourri Updates

  • Sumo
I am not yet fully done redesigning my site but I will now settle for the template i’ve got from Gisele Jaquenod and Birdie . The theme is entitled Birdie’s Secret Garden. This 3-column theme is neat and very clean to look at. I’ve tried different templates but this is the one that satisfies my own requirements.

Before I decided to use this template, I’ve tried other templates first. The first one I’ve tried was Aspire from This template is nice with rustic effect. But I can’t fix the problem with the links on the header. So I dropped this template and look for another one. I came across with Magic Paper. I also like these template because it has three column and it has a mystical effect. The template is working well in Firefox but not in IE (sniff sniff). I spent some time trying to fix the problem in IE but after several attempts, I finally gave up. There was a post regarding the error. Meaning, I am not the only one who encountered the error, unfortunately nobody gave a solution. I have no choice but to keep on looking. I almost settled with Wild Flower from I had no problem setting up the template but after few glimpse of it, I find it too femine for me which is not me. So I continued looking for the appropriate template. Then finally, I landed in via google. The free templates offered in this site are really wonderful. I tried some of her works but I settled for this template. Silly me, I was hoping that she is also sharing her actual template because her site’s theme is really great.

Anyways, while I was doing this assignment, I realized that there are several sites offering free templates for blogspot and wordpress. I would like to share the links of these sites to help those who are also planning redesign their blog site. Listed are some of the links I visited when I was looking for a template.
Probably, there are so many other sites offering free templates but these are the only sites I happened to visit and browse.

2 thoughts on “Redesigning Potpourri Updates

  1. @dotsky,

    thanks… i just grabbed it from Gisele Jaquenod and Birdie. I am giving her the credit 🙂

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