Regular Check-Up With My OB

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Saturday became my regular check-up day with my OB-Gyne since I reach my 35th week of my pregnancy. And this morning, aside from the regular check-up, I had my blood sugar tested per the OB’s request. I was thinking of a Fasting Blood Sugar test as I was told that I need to fast for 8 hours. Little I know that there are different kinds of blood sugar tests. The one I had this morning was called Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) which required four blood extractions (ouch!!!) in between 1 hour interval. I was even thinking that there was only one blood extraction then I could already eat after. But I was wrong so I was really hungry when the final extraction was completed.

While I was waiting for the second extraction, hubby and I decided to visit the electronic shop were we brought our desktop because the motherboard we bought from them six months ago failed. The very warm weather and the starvation I was feeling caused me to feel dizzy. It was a blessing that we used the Mitsubishi Adventure instead of the multicab, the vehicle’s air-condition controlled my condition to get worst. Thank God, our pastor had it repaired few weeks ago but I hope the cost of the repair is far from the cost of an rv repair. Our visit to the shop brought some good news because the replacement for our motherboard has arrived. We were able to bring home my desktop after more than a month.

I haven’t yet got the result for my OGTT. My OB’s secretary promised that she will get the result on Monday and will let my OB read it. She will just inform me via SMS if there are concerns which need to be addressed. Well, after hearing it, I was truly thankful because I don’t need to wait for another two hours for the result.

The OB confirmed that the baby was doing well. I am no longer gaining weight and the baby does not get bigger either.  I also had an internal examination to know if my cervix has started dilating. After the check-up, we still waited for the final blood extraction schedule then finally have our lunch. I was starving to death that time and the only thing in my mind  was food.

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