A Review of Phonics-in-Reading

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I am happy that finally, I have now the complete set of Series 1 and 2 of Phonics – in – Reading by May S.M. Mah. I have an added blessing because the books are in yellow tags. I only got them  for Php 35.00 per book.

My daughter received the first five books of Series 1 last January from our church secretary. I found the books a great help for my daughter to learn to read early. We read the books {and with her other books} before she sleeps at night and I was surprised that one night she could read almost the whole first story of the 5th book entitled “Pup in the Mud“. At first I thought she has  memorized the story as we read the book several times. I tried the other books which we seldom read and she could indeed read the books with some word exception. So I decided to find the remaining books when we were in Manila three weeks ago but I could not find them in National Bookstore where the first five books were bought. I was even a bit surprised when I inquired the clerks about the books but they are not familiar with the “Phonics” term. It was my daughter who noticed the books on the shelf yesterday while I was looking for her pink brush and mirror on the kids section of Island City Mall. She pointed out that we have those books at home. When I checked it out, I was glad that all the remaining books which we don’t have yet are in the shelf too.

Phonics-in-Reading is consists of 20 books, 10 books each series. The first five books of the first series are for short vowel sounds and the remaining five is for long vowel sounds. The four books of the second series are introduction of consonant blends;  two for the double consonant L while another four cover the consonant digraphs.

The pages of Phonics-in-Reading books are glossy like magazine and attractively colored to catch the attention of the young readers. The words used are plain and simple. The words which contain the topic vowels/phonics are in red to give emphasis. The book cover is in soft board so I suggest that to cover it with plastic for added protection.

Each book of Phonics-in-Reading has a Pre-Reading Practice page where the words to be used in the story are enumerated. The page also includes a Review Vowel section where words used in previous book are written. Lastly, the page has Other Words section which lists the words to be used in the story which do not include the topic vowel.

Another good thing about the books of Phonics-in-Reading is that each story ends with Comprehension and Word Review Worksheets. You can test how the child understands the story through the questions and activities provided in these pages. The last page is Tips for Teachers and Parents.

I highly recommend this series, Phonics-in-Reading, for parents who have preschoolers. Your kids will not only enjoy the humorous stories but will also learn to read earlier.

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  1. Hello! I have also been looking for this series for my grandson. I haven’t been able to find them in National Book Store or Fully Booked or Amazon. I understand Island City Mall is in Bohol. Would you be able to help me purchase the books? Please send me a message through my e-mail address ( soon as you are able. Thank you.

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