Safety Of Our Kids In The Hands of Nannies

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When it comes to our kid’s safety and security, we mommies are undeniably very cautious. We do our best to shield our kids from any harm and unnecessary pain. As much as we can, we always want to be with them to watch over them and to personally take care of their needs. But we also anticipate the time that we have no choice but to leave them in the care of other people. We are fortunate enough if we have available relatives or friends to whom we can entrust our precious kids while we are not around. Unfortunately, not all of the mothers out there have that privilege, especially the working moms.

When both parents need to work and there is a child to be taken cared of and there is no one close to the parents who can extend a hand to baby sit the child, the parents are left to one option and that is to hire a nanny. Though we do our best as parents to be keen in choosing a trustworthy and caring nanny, some are just too expert to hide their real character. They have halos when the parents are around but their fangs come out as soon as the parents leave their child to them. Some parents install security cameras and other monitoring device to make sure their nannies do not abuse their child. This way, they will know how the nannies treat their kids when they are not around. Of course, not all nannies are abusive. Some are really good and kind-hearted. And I can say that I was blessed to have a nanny before who cared about my daughter so much. She was indeed a blessing to us.

Do you have nannies at home? How do you ensure that they really take care of your beloved kids?

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3 thoughts on “Safety Of Our Kids In The Hands of Nannies

  1. Hi Mylene!
    I had a nanny when my child was younger. I made her checklist for the things to be done and jot down daily activities of my baby. Food eaten, vitamins given, nap time, play time. Things like that… But now that I’m working at home, I can assist my son’s daily needs and keep an eye for him.

    1. It is good to know that you are WAHM and that you can be with your son most of the time 🙂

      Thanks for the visit!

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