Sciezka’s First Song Offering

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My little daughter rendered her first song offering for the Lord yesterday during our evening worship service. She sang “Jesus Loves Me” with her best buddy in church – her Ate Apple.  When their names were called by the emcee, she was so confident as she went up the stage. She held her microphone properly and when the pianist gave the intro, they started singing.  She stopped for a few second and trying to check if I am looking at her then she proceeds. After the song, she even requested to sing her favorite song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. But her Ate Apple managed to convince her that their part was already done. So they both went down the stage calmly. My daughter is not the shy type I believe, unlike her mommy! Nyahahaha…

I rejoiced because my daughter’s first song offering is for the Lord and not for anyone else. I am blessed because the song that my daughter sings is not the song that glorifies the world but gives praise unto God. As a mother, I always hold onto the verse in the Bible that says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old,  he will not depart from it. ” And I desire my daughter’s life to be used of God in the future as a clean vessel and that is how I train her now that she is still young.

This is one of her milestones that should be captured and recorded but until now we don’t have yet a replacement for our broken digital camera. I really hope that next time, I can already record her song offerings. Anyway, I am sure that the Lord will never forget her service 🙂

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus Loves Me, This I Know

For the Bible Tells Me So

Little Ones To Him Belong

They Are Weak But He Is Strong

Yes, Jesus Loves Me

Yes, Jesus Loves Me

Yes, Jesus Loves Me

The Bible Tells Me So.

9 thoughts on “Sciezka’s First Song Offering

  1. You must be so proud,Mommy Mylene!Ganyan din ako pag nakikita ang milestones ng mga anak ko–medyo naluluha pa lol!Next time,dapat naka-record na yan at dapat naka-post dito!!heheeehe!sobrang demanding ba?^_^

  2. Wow, this is also my son’s favorite christian song. I even took him singing this song and posted it at Youtube. Last night he just recited John 3: 16, me and my wife were so happy to hear him recite it. My wife started teaching him the verse a week ago but he wasn’t serious about learning it even before the two of us sleep (me and my son) I make him recite it but he just settles in repeating after me but what we didn’t know is he already knew the whole verse haha! So don’t lose hope in teaching. I’ll probably take a video of him reciting it later and make a blog of it hehe (what can I do, I am a proud parent).

    1. Yeah. I won’t get tired teaching my daughter things that pleases God 🙂

      You should be proud to be the father of your son 😉

  3. Nakakatuwa si Ska, maliit pa pero nagwoworship na kay God. lam mo ba i used to teach this song to my students (o di ba nagturo ako summer bible school) noong college ako. 🙂

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