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There was another power interruption in our place this day.  Well, it is getting often as we also had one last Saturday. It started at around 8:00 in the morning and it returned at around 4:00 pm. I thought the power interruption would happen tomorrow so my plan was to visit Social Security System office in Tagbilaran to pay my quarterly premium and to file my Maternity Notification. Since the power interruption happened earlier, my plan to visit SSS office was also moved earlier.

During my last visit, I asked for an extra RS-5 or Contributions Payment Returns form. I kept it so I could ask someone anytime to pay my premiums. Before leaving the house this morning, I filled-out the form so hubby could pay for me while I lined up for the other my transactions. So that was what we did when we arrived at the place. Hubby went upstairs (the payment section is on the second floor) while I lined up where I could inquire regarding my Maternity Notification. The line was already quite long but there were chairs prepared for the members waiting for their turn. The line was also fast moving because there were several desk officers attending to the members. I didn’t get bored waiting for my turn. Before my turn, I already saw my husband entering the door.

The SSS staff attended to my question politely. He tried his best to speak in Filipino when he realized that I could not speak the local dialect. After he verified my eligibility for maternity benefits (which I have checked online before hand) he handed me the Maternity Notification form that I should return before I give birth. So in around thirty minutes, my transaction with SSS is done 🙂

I’m glad that I continued paying my SSS premium as voluntary member after I got separated from my permanent position. At least I have an added source to cover the expense when I give birth.

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