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Software developer like me is one of the most benefited with the current technologies. Location is no longer a barrier in doing offsite jobs. With the use of internet and application tools, I can easily send my work and updates to my clients who are in the other part of the world. I can also do conference call demo anytime with no extra cost on my part to present my output or to demonstrate a particular function in the system I’m working with. I can also work with other members of the project team who are in different part of the globe without leaving my house.

But for me to be able to do my job efficiently, I need a reliable internet connection which I could not get from my current provider. My connection is down at least a day every week or two. And since yesterday, I’m only using a plug-in just to be able to do my job. The promised on-site technical team visit today didn’t happen and my connection has not been restored. I wonder how they are going to fix tomorrow as there is a scheduled power interruption.

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