Stomach Pains

  • Sumo

My stomach has been in bad shape since Sunday morning. I started to feel the pain at 2 in the morning. The pain was intolerable so I got up to take Maalox and Buscopan. These were the medicines prescribed to me when I was rushed to the ER two months after I gave birth to my second daughter due to the same pain. After few minutes, I could still feel the pain and it looked like it was aggravating so I took Tramadol. I was so thankful that I still have these medicines on the cabinet; otherwise I would have to wait until the local pharmacy Prosolution opens in the morning.

Few minutes after I took Tramadol, I could feel some improvement but I was not totally relieved of the pain. I can still feel some discomforts until now so I continue taking the Maalox and the Buscopan. The pain is still tolerable so there is no need for Tramadol. I also noticed that I started to have a lose bowel movement yesterday. I am not sure if this is related to the pain.

I could not concentrate on my work because of the discomfort I feel. I also feel so tired. So hopefully, my stomach gets better tomorrow, Lord willing.

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