The Cost of PACES for Level 4

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I only spent Php 9, 421.50 (I was expecting around 12K, right?) for Level 4’s set.  Thanks be to God for the less actual expense than the expected.

Below is the details of the cost (in Philippines Peso) in case you are planning to homeschool your kid(s) using School of Tomorrow’s curriculum. These prices may change without prior notice from School of Tomorrow.

Total Cost of 96 Local Print PACES -                    4, 458.00
Total Cost of the 48 Score Keys                             3, 984.00
Cost of the 2 Books                                                1, 193.00
Shipping Fee                                                              750.00

And because Daughter is a Pastor’s Kid, I was still able to avail the 10% discount. Thanks to School of Tomorrow for its generosity.

Based on my computation, this cost is still less than the combined cost of the tuition fee and PACES if Daughter is still enrolled in her former school. It just appeared big because I have to pay it in full. But what I did was I transferred the supposedly monthly tuition fee of my Daughter to another account and this was the money I used to pay her PACES. It didn’t also appear a one-time-big-time payment for me, right?

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