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Mommies, whether working or stay-at-home, experience stress and weariness from time to time for all the responsibilities and tasks on their plates. If you are a mom like me, I know that you can relate. We juggle household chores, taking care of kids and our duties as wives. But how much we tried not to feel tired, we just couldn’t because we are still human and we also need to rest.

Superwoman we may be but still, we need some means to combat stress and to recharge. Some mothers do shopping to relax. Short vacations or trips are the stress-reliever for some. Others visit salons for pampering activities like spas and massages. But for no-budget mommy like me, walking, sleeping and seeing flowers are enough to take away stress. Flowers give refreshing feeling to me. I adore the diversity of flowers – their different colors, sizes, shapes and fragrances. Their beauties remind me of God’s magnificence and love for beauty. Whenever I feel gloomy, a glimpse of a flower will do the trick. I believe that ladies in general couldn’t deny the fresh feeling a flower can give so I also use flowers as a default gift for a lady friends.

If you love flowers like me, you may want to visit the Proflowers page. It contains varieties of flowers in beautiful arrangements. The site will probably inspire you and give you an invigorating feeling.

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  1. I totally agree. We all experience stress. It reminds us that we are humans. Stress is a part of our living. But we manage stress after all because we gradually adopt to our environment and adjust whatever stress we face. Recreational activities is a must and time manage as well.

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