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Do you let your pedicure and manicure done in a salon or beauty parlor? Do you like the feeling of getting your whole pedicure done? I guess your answer is YES because most women do and that includes me.

I used to visit beauty parlors to have my pedicure done. It is a need for me because my toes usually swell due to ingrown nails. Most of the time, I was not satisfied because I could still feel the ingrown was not completely removed. In addition to that, I had to spend time waiting for my turn. It was already a consolation for me if the parlor had some women magazines I could read on while waiting. Only during those moments I could read about skin care products reviews. I had to stop going to beauty parlors to have my pedicure done and just do it on my own.

I will not exchange convenience for health risk. A friend of mine made me realized that having pedicure and manicure done in a public establishments like salon and beauty parlor were not safe. The cuticle nippers, nail cutters and other pedicure tools used in these places were not disposables. The kit used to clean my nails were the same kit used to clean other people’s nails including those who were carrier of blood-transmitted diseases like Hepa B and HIV. Who knows how these pedicure kits were sanitized if they get sanitized at all. If a person carrying a blood-transmitted disease and the next customer get wounded using the same pedicure kit, there is a big chance that the succeeding customer gets infected with the disease, isn’t? After realizing this fact, I decided to buy my own kit and just do the cleaning of my toes by myself. Good thing, I know how to do it and I am well-experienced to wound my own toes ๐Ÿ˜€

If it is a must for you to have your pedicure done, I suggest that you buy your own pedicure set. Bring your own kit whenever you need your pedicure done and request the beautician to use it instead of the set she user for her customers.

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2 thoughts on “Buy Your Own Pedicure Kit

  1. I have my own pedicure set, too! I am totally addicted to neon colors nail polish. I go to salon occasionally. Some salons have autoclave to sterilize their pedicure set to keep their instruments aseptic. So choose salons that has one. ๐Ÿ™‚

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