2nd Periodical Result

  • Sumo

I got the result of my daughter’s 2nd Periodical Exam last night. Her scores were not exceptional but I understand because I was not able to review her during her exam’s week. My daughter’s exam period fell during the week that my husband and I were busy packing our things for the move-out. She was not also in the mood to study because she recently recovered from cough. Aside from that, hubby and I knew that she wouldn’t be able to continue her schooling because Bulacan is very far from Quezon City. So I just let her be and prayed that God endowed her wisdom and He did!

I was actually happy that she got perfect scores in Math and Language. Her Science and Writing improved too by 3%, from 93% last quarter to 96% and from 85% to 88% respectively. For Reading, her score decreased by 2% from 100% to 98%. With these scores and with her status when she took the exam, I believe that she can do better next time (love your own ????, LOL).  But I guess that it will not be in the near future.

I thank God for my daughter’s scores because it means that she’s learning. I will not stop praying that God will continue to bless her with wisdom and knowledge because I desire that someday she will be used mightily by God in His vineyard.

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