Sweet Potato Diet

  • Sumo

Fruit and vegetable diet and prayer with fasting can defeat even the the best diet pills available in the market. This is what I learned from one of the sessions of the Bible Conference I attended last week. Fruits and vegetables are good source of natural iron which is needed for oxygen distribution in the body. Lack of sufficient iron in the body causes disturbed sleep or sleepless night.

Root crops like sweet potato are also good substitute for rice to avoid diabetes. Sweet potato contains most minerals found in rice but the sugar it contains is complex, hence can easily be broken during digestion. The speaker suggested that for breakfast and lunch, it is okay to mix steamed or baked sweet potato with steamed rice. But for dinner, sweet potato can go alone. I started trying this suggestion since Monday. Aside from its health benefit, it will also help us lessen the consumption of rice which is very expensive here in Bohol. I’ll see how long I can maintain it 😀

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