Food Storage

  • Sumo

The parsonage where we current live has no kitchen cabinets. Whenever we do our grocery, keeping the dry food items becomes a little bit challenging. I don’t know where I’ll store them especially those items which are attractive to ants. Good thing here, I seldom see cockroaches unlike in Manila where cockroaches are almost everywhere. The canned goods remained in the plastic bag and I just placed them on the floor. Those items which can easily be smelled by ants are stored in a small container with tight cover. The container can only accommodate few items because it is too small. One time my husband noticed that I was taking time arranging the things we bought from grocery store. He suggested that we buy food storage bigger than our existing container to accommodate even the canned goods.

We’ll prioritize that when we visit the downtown. Hopefully, we are not in hurry like our previous visits so we can also check other things we need like a new electric fan.

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