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Thankful Thursday – Thankful For Putting Me In The Ministry

  • Sumo

This is my first entry for Thankful Thursday since we arrived here in Bohol. Not that I have nothing to thank God for but I got too busy to put them in writing.

There are so many blessings that God gave me since we moved here in Bohol.  But the one of most remarkable for me is the opportunity He has given me to see the different colors of the sky whenever the sun sets. I seldom have the chance to witness it in Manila. But here, I always have the opportunity especially when the weather is fine.

I also thank God for opening an opportunity for me to minister again to little ones.  I was given the chance to conduct good news classes on Saturdays and I have a session to teach the children on Sunday in our church. It is also a great opportunity for me to feed these little ones with physical food. For two consecutive Sundays, I volunteered to cook for their snacks. And I was happy that they consumed what I prepared, not probably because the taste was superb but because they were really hungry. Yes, most kids here went to church without breakfast because they have nothing at home. The money I spent for their food is worthless compared to the joy of seeing their satisfied faces and my effort is well-compensated if these kids would keep on coming back for spiritual and physical nourishment.

I thank God for putting me in the ministry. My prayer is to be effectively used wherever He will bring me.

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