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Hubby’s Absence

  • Sumo

My husband is expected to return tomorrow from Cebu. He’s been there since Monday to attend the Global Fellowship 2011 currently held in Katipunan Bible Baptist Church. He texted me last night to tell me that the messages he heard really touched him. I was happy for him. I really wanted to go with him but children were not allowed in the conference and I could not just leave my daughter to anyone. So I have to leave and be with my daughter. I guess that is part and partial of being a mom – deprivation of our own desires for our love to our children.

Anyway, everything went well though hubby was not with us. My daughter didn’t give me a hard-time because miraculously she was so behaved since her father left. Although there are household chores that I deferred doing, God enabled me to do those that need to be done on daily basis like cooking, sweeping the floor, cleaning the dishes and of course taking care of my daughter.

Though my daughter and I did great while hubby is not around, still, hubby’s presence is needed. So to make sure that he would feel that we missed his presence, I left him some chores to do when he arrived 😀

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