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Thankful Thursday #3 – Rain

  • Sumo

It has been a while since it rained here in our place and I’ve been praying for a rain for several reasons. First, it has been very hot for the last few weeks. The temperature reaches 39 degree Celsius and higher. I want to rain because I want the rain to ease the heat.

Second reason is the supply of our water. We don’t have a supply of water during the day time. The supply water arrives at around 12 in the morning and very weak. We need to fill all the water containers so we have enough water for our consumption on the day time. Either me or my husband do the chore. The result is, we always have to sleep late. I am praying for the rain to replenish the water in the dams so the water supply will also go back to its normal distribution.

The third reason is the plants. The soil has been very dry since the El Niño started. I am begging for the rain so the plants will be watered especially the farm lands.

We were about to sleep last night when the rain started to pour. God is truly in control of everything. He knows when the rain is truly needed. Last night’s rain was only the second rain for this year.

Thank you Lord for thou art an Almighty God that even the weather will obey thy words. Thank you Lord for thou art a living God who answers my prayer just in time we badly need it. Thank you Lord for thou art my God & King who rules and reign in my life.

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7 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #3 – Rain

  1. Thank you Lord for the rain for Denise! Thank you God who takes care of our every need!
    O to give Him Praise!!
    God bless your day!

  2. I will pray that the plethora of rain we have makes it way to wet your parts. While we had a great adventure that I wrote about earlier this week due to wet trails, we have also had flooding in our area. May you get the rain you need!

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