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Our church here in Poblacion Panglao will be celebrating its 7th Church Anniversary come this last Sunday of November. It is just more than two months away. So we have started praying for it and preparing for the program. The kids and the young people who join the regular singing group every Sunday (it is not yet a choir since we only sing the melody and not the four voices – alto, soprano, base and tenor) requested if we could have a uniform. Initially, we only planned to have shirts similar to screen printed shirts in va printed with the church logo in front and the church anniversary theme at the back. This is the best uniform majority of us could afford. At least we are all the same shirt.

I prefer to have a more decent and formal uniform but I have to consider the capacity of the other members to buy a new clothe. Most of the members are poor students who could not even afford a decent meal everyday. Someone suggested that we raise the fund for a more formal uniform, a simple blouse and a skirt will do. I agreed and the kids also agreed. The fund-raising that we agreed upon was to sell Choco Balls. I volunteered to buy the initial ingredients for our business :D.
 This is the sample of Choco Balls we sell. They sell it for 1 peso each. Very affordable for any kid 🙂.

We have started selling for two weeks now. We only sell on Mondays and Tuesday. We prepare the Choco Balls on Saturday after doing their responsibilities in the church and Sunday afternoon after lunch time. We have already earned more than 400 pesos.  We still have more than eight weeks to sell.

I searched for the design of the blouse and most of them liked this design.

For the skirt, we decided to have a below the knee pencil-cut skirt like this
 We also found a tailor who will be willing to sew our uniform in much cheaper price – 150 pesos for the set.

Now my problem is what fabric is good for the blouse which is not too expensive. Do you have any suggestion?

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