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Veggies and Rice Are Pricey

  • Sumo

I was surprised to know that veggies and spices here in Panglao were more expensive than in Manila. Hubby and I went to the nearest wet market last Monday to buy some ingredients for the fish he bought in Tagbilaran. I was really shocked with the prices of tomato, ginger, onion and petchay. All of them cost 7 pesos per gram. I thought I was in a supermarket in Manila where every gram costs. We went home with 3 pieces of onions and tomatoes, few strands of Petchay and small-sized ginger but the cost is the same with our one- week consumption of these items in Manila. And I was even thinking that farm products and sea foods are cheap here because it is a province.

This morning hubby bought few kilos of rice. He was also shocked with the price of rice – 40/kg but the quality the same with the Php 32/kg in Manila. The pricing of the commodities here is inversely proportional with the average income of the general public. I wonder how a common family survives here in Panglao. This probably the reason why most people here are slim and the children are small. I seldom see horizontally challenge people here. Well, probably because the prices of the commodities here is one enough reason to suppress appetite.

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