Visitation Day

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Saturday is my visitation day. This is the only day I can visit my students, the young people, some members and new female contacts. My husband and I go together during Saturdays. Sometimes, if the weather is good, daughter comes with us.

Yesterday was not different for the other Saturdays. Hubby and I started our visitation in the morning. It was raining but the rain stopped just before we left the house. We want our daughter to come with us but she insisted that she would just want to stay at home and do her works (her “works” is playing with pre-school online games on my desktop). Well, we gave in because she was not also feeling well (again, for the nth time since we came here in BOHOL :().

Using hubby’s official service vehicle – a 10-year old Kawasaki Aura, we visited the ones near our place first. After visiting the new contacts hubby met and reminded the other old-time visitors of the Sunday service, we headed to visit one of the family members who lived more than five kilometers from the church. It was my first time to visit their place since this family was usually visited by our pastor and his wife. I was asked to visit the kids since their mom was offended and no longer wanted to attend to our church. We want the kids to remain faithful in attending the Sunday school.

I heard that going there was not easy because the road going to member’s house was muddy. I proved that what I heard was true. We haven’t gone far from the main road when the motorcycle slid and tumbled. Since we were running very slowly, I was able to stand up on my own feet even before the motorcycle fell on the ground. My husband was not also hurt, probably only his pride, LOL! He was not able to balance the motorcycle because the soil was really slippery due to frequent rain and probably because I’m so heavy ๐Ÿ˜€

We decided to just leave the motorcycle at the first house we saw. Then we walked going to the house. Our foot wears were heavy because of the mud sticking to the sole when we reached the house. But we were happy to see the kids ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately, their mom was too busy gathering woods for their cooking or she was not ready yet to see us.

On our way home, we saw Bea, one of the church dwellers, walking home. Since it was still a long walk to the church, we gave her a ride. But we were not yet running for long when hubby informed us that the gas stuck and no longer stop releasing gas. He slew down the motorcycle and asked us to get off the motorcycle and run it alone to test if it could still bring us home. But it couldn’t. The motorcycle produced a loud sound of revolution then he stopped it using the key. If I couldn’t explain it well, it is because I’m not familiar with vehicle terms. Anyway, we were just picked up by the other church dwellers using the multi-cab. The motorcycle was also loaded to the multi-cab and was brought to the shop.

God is good, isn’t He? He kept us safe from all the possible dangers that we encountered. He didn’t allow us to be hurt when the motorcycle tumbled. He also gave my husband a presence of mind when the gas didn’t stop. Most of all, God didn’t allow my daughter to come with us. She was probably the one hurt when we tumbled and we couldn’t get off the vehicle immediately when the gas failed. God knows that my husband and I have no disability insuranceso He didn’t allow something bad to happen to us. Who needs it anyway if God is our shield and protector.

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