Weight Loss = Self-Discipline, Consistency, Determination

  • Sumo

Since I got married, more than four years ago, my weight didn’t stop from adding up. Oh, let me rephrase that. My weight didn’t stop from multiplying, argh! More pounds err kilos were added after I gave birth to my daughter and after breastfeeding her. I probably haven’t come to realize that I’m done breastfeeding my daughter that is why I am still eating the same amount of food which a breastfeeding mother is eating.

I realized that it is very challenging to shred the unwanted bulges in my body. It takes a lot of self-discipline, consistency and strong determination to reach the desire objective.  With this realization, I draw the conclusion that either I have a deficiency on the three mentioned attributes or I totally lack of all them, sigh! I even believe before that I am a well-disciplined person, aww! I guess I’m wrong about my assessment of myself.

Going back, I’ve tried several attempts to win out my old size. I’ve tried several weight loss techniques, some I’ve read from different sources and some are my friends’ advices, except diet pills. I usually just go for the natural way. Nothing made a tremendous change on my weight. Not because they are all ineffective but because I usually stopped even before I see any effect.  Do you think it is about time to try the diet pills?

I haven’t attempted to lose weight again recently. I think I need to work-out the three traits first before I finally adopt any weight loss program. Otherwise, my attempt will just be another failure and I will just end up frustrated.

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