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I rarely caught the virus that causes the sore eyes or conjunctivitis and this is one of those rarely chance.  If my memory serves me right, the last time I had a sore eyes was when I was still in college, that was more than ten years ago, LOL! No one among my friends realized that I had one. My eyes were usually puffy then because I slept anywhere and whenever I had the chance. They thought that the puffiness of my eyes was just normal.  My eyes were not also reddish so no one suspected that I was a virus carrier. My sore eyes then didn’t last long, unlike the one I’m having right now.

I remembered that my eyes were already teary last Friday. If that was the day it started, then I am having this sore eyes for a week now, awww! The condition of my eyes is improving though. They are no longer itchy and they are less watery than the previous days. But there were times that they are still difficult to open. Just like right now. Only my right eye is open and my left eye is closed while I am typing, as if I am winking on my monitor.

My eyes’ condition slows down my reading and typing. I have to re-read the article several times just to make sure I didn’t mistype or miss a word and this further delays me from calling it a day. I think the reason why the healing process takes time is because I lack enough sleep, hence my immune system is weak. Another probable reason is because my eyes could not rest. I am reading articles and tutorials about Java because my task in my full-time job is to learn Java. Thus, my eyes are forced to work.

I wish I could stay away from my computer tomorrow but the chance is very slim. I still have so many pending tasks and a number of articles to post. I’ll just hope that my eyes will be better tomorrow.


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  1. Masakit yan Mylene, I had experienced that too, but I did put malungay extract, masakit pero ang bilis ng healing. Kaya mo ba yan? hehe!

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