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Where Are the Gentlemen? Gone?

  • Sumo
I was a bit disappointed last night on my way home. Usually, from SM Megamall, most buses going to Novaliches Bayan via Congressional Ave is still empty. In most cases, only few seats are occupied. But that is not the case last night. The first bus arrived was already full but since I was in hurry catching our Midweek service, so I just rode on. As soon as I stepped on the steps of the bus, the inconsiderate driver started moving the bus in a reckless manner. I almost lost my balance and fell-out of the bus but good thing was my grip on the railings of the bus was firm. I slowly climbed-up the remaining step and be safe inside the bus.

In this case that I could not find a seat, I usually position at the back so I would not be an obstruction to the other passengers. Despite the fact that the conductor saw me in uncomfortable position, he still asked for my fare and since I was having difficulty getting my purse on my bag, I just got the first bill I saw ang gave it to him. Unfortunately, when he gave me my change, he did not ensure that the coins will not drop. As soon as he handed me my change, the coins fell out of my hand. As expected, the coins immediately scatter to everywhere. Of course, I would not try to find them considering my position. So I just ignore the coins ang made sure that I was holding tight on the rail because the driver do not mind that many lives were on his hand. He was just like driving a car the way he drives the bus.

Luckily, most of those who occupied the seats were guys. Believe me, no one offered their seat (sigh) considering that I was wearing a skirt. Though I was not expecting it, I still silently hope that that there were remaining gentlemen. But I was wrong. Really disappointing… modernization swiped away the gentlemen. Is it because, we, women, claimed that we are equal with men?

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