Why My Skin Is Not Brown

  • Sumo

My daughter is a very inquisitive girl. She never runs out of questions. One time she asked me how God created the human beings. So I told her that God created the first man by getting a mud, formed it in His image then breathe on it. Then the formed-mud became the first living man. But she didn’t stop there and threw her follow-up question. “If humans are from the mud which is Brown in color,” she started, how come my skin’s color is Brown while yours is white (she believes that I have a white skin)? I answered her with a tease. I told her that God made me using a white-colored mud while she was created using a dark-colored one. When she seemed unconvinced with my answer, I told her that the reason why her skin is Brown is because she loves to play in the sea even if the sun shines very hot while I prefer to stay at home when it is hot. That made her kept her silence for a while.

I wonder what will be her question if she discovers that there are artificial Brown skins.  Will she asks me to use an airbrush tans so we could have the same complexion?


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