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A New Baby

  • Sumo

I‘m not referring to a new child but a new site :D. The domain is not relative new. The truth is, its renewal is near. It was my husband who urged me to buy him this domain. He’s been telling me that he want to start blogging too but until now, he has not written a single post yet. This domain has been stagnant for a while so I decided to get it from him again :D.

I started redesigning its template last week. I spent a sleepless-Friday night to complete it. But I failed. I did some updates between work this week but still the site’s template is not fully-completed. Now, I perfectly understand Kaye when she’s designing a blog and mine is not even an inch with her.

I‘m preparing this site for our coming family trips (as if there are many, LOL). I want this site to contain post about our family’s activities – I hope I can stick to that goal :D. It does not contain anything relevant yet just full of test posts and test comments for me to see the look and feel. I haven’t started yet the badge and fav.icon and still needs to update some more styling. It may still have some glitches that I want to seek your help to identify ๐Ÿ˜€

If you have time, please take a peek and let me know your suggestions and comments.

11 thoughts on “A New Baby

  1. oh! i wish i could have something like that, ‘m not so good with computer much more designing and something like that, lol! wish you luck on that, girl!

  2. it’s an eye candy mommy! ang galing! tska love ko yung shade nung violet. i’m sure niko will go gaga when she sees this. hehehe. mwah!

  3. re: blog transfer to wordpress. originally my Heartifying! blog was in wordpress but i transferred it to blogger coz i got bored with the interface and design and tired of waiting for hubby to design it haiz! uhm tell me how much muna design and hosting. my hosting in godaddy is still running until feb. can i still use that if i get your help?
    pm me pls:
    thanks a lot!

  4. That is so cool! Congrats to your new baby… How can you manage more than one site? hehe! You are truly wonder mom. Knows best in multi-tasking. LOL!

  5. weeeee ganda!!! ung sakin dn kaka patransfer ko lng ke ruby ung new home sweet home sya…gusto ko sana magpa design ng template kaso mahal ata! ;))

    gusto mo b mag atend ng event sa fun ranch sa ortigas…may nag i invite sa sat n nga ang sya 930 am ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Girl, may trip kami sa Monday, mejo wala pa akong naayos hehehe… tsaka parating ang asawa ko nyan ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. ive recently bought a domain too for my hubby who wants to start a blog of his own, hopefully gamitin niya and i-maximize.

    checked the newly designed blog, hehe girly look na siya ngayon. i love the icons you used in the sidebar and the design looks so cute.

    got a new blog too:
    although i haven’t posted entries yet, i hope you’d visit it and follow me too.

    God bless

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