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  • Sumo

Hubby is coming home this Saturday 🙂 I’m excited to see him to know how big he becomes after one month of being away from me and my daughter ^___^. He will be back for our trip to their province on Monday. He will be in Manila for only a day because on Monday, we will be flying to his home province.

I am supposed to be preparing for our trip but I am still busy with so many stuffs. Although I’ve bought some of the things that we need to bring, I haven’t started packing them yet. I hope I can pack them completely on Saturday. I don’t want to forget anything that we will be needing especially my daughter’s things. I want our trip to be a  hassle-free and a smooth one. I have to focus on packing this weekend that I have to set aside checking out about lipofuze review. Forgive this lady too if I can’t return your visits these days.

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