Almost Ten Years…

  • Sumo

I’ll be ten years with the company I’m currently working with come this December but sadly not as a regular employee but as a consultant (contractual). I was a regular employee for five years. But when we decided to relocate here in Bohol for church ministerial reasons in 2011, I was asked to resign and my contract was replaced with a contract for consultant. Almost five years has passed and I remained a contractual.

For the last five years, only the status changed and of course the benefits that go with the status. My compensation is based on the hours I rendered. I have no leave credits and 13th month pay. I pay my own SSS and Philhealth contributions. But I render forty hours a week. If there are weeks in which my hours of service go below 40, I am usually asked to explain and  needed more tasks.

I handle two projects. There was a time that I was involved in three projects. So I’m actually working like a full-time employee except that there is one thing I cannot do. I cannot report to the office regularly which I didn’t also practice when I was still in Manila. We are allowed to work from home.

It has been my prayer to be absorbed again as a regular employee especially now that the company is hiring more people for regular positions. I am hoping that the company will consider the years I’ve been working for them.

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