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  • Sumo

Hubby convinced me to buy the Android tablet voucher I saw at I was actually thinking of buying it for my daughter but I changed my mind. But when hubby saw the page I was checking, he persuaded me that he needed it in reading his study cases (I really hope so).

The Android tablet we bought was not branded. Its price is really cheap but I am hoping against hope that the quality is not also cheap and that is remained to be seen. I’m thankful that Husband didn’t ask me to buy Asus eee Pad Transformer because I really have to say NO. We couldn’t afford it right now because our savings was spent for his motorbike. But for the quality, I am confident that it is good because it comes from ASUS. I also like its specifications. So if you have the budget and you are considering buying an Android tablet, why don’t you check Asus Eee Pad Transformer?

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