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I was terrified if not horrified when I saw the electric bill for the month of July. It was higher than June’s electric bill. I wonder why there is an increase despite our effort to conserve the use of electricity. Plus there were times that we don’t have power supply for the whole day. There was also a time that we don’t have a power supply the whole night. Thanks to our energy-saving rechargeable led bulb emergency light which provided us a little light.  With these power interruption and intentional power conservation, I am confident that somehow our electric bill would be much smaller.

I got the same reaction from my husband when I told him the bill. So reviewed the electric bill again and checked thoroughly where increase possibly came from.  Then I discovered that there was around two-peso power rate hike which made the 5 peso per kilowatt rate last June to more than 7 pesos last month. That was a substantial increase.

Good thing we conserved our electric supply last month. If not, our bill might be doubled if not tripled.


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5 thoughts on “Power Rate Hike

  1. that’s one thing I don’t like during summer — the electric bill shoots up! but I cannot help it, I need AC because of my little girl!

  2. We don’t use airconditioning that much during the rainy season so our bill also didn’t shoot up that high. We also use LED light for our nightlight. It’s better than keeping one of the ceiling lights turned on or plugging in a night light.

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