Bike for Short Distance Errands

  • Sumo

In this time that the price of gasoline is not stable, sometimes it’s low but oftentimes it’s high, Husband and I are thinking of buying a bike to save some money on gasoline. We can use the bike instead of the motorbike if the distance we need to travel is not that long like doing an errand in the market.  Our gasoline consumption will definitely be less if we have a bike. Aside from the monetary benefit, the use of bike will also benefit the environment. Since bike does not use any petroleum, it does not also emit any gas waste which harms the environment. More so, bike can be used as cardio exercise tool. This is a kind of exercise which I will surely enjoy if ever I learn it.

Talking about bikes always remind of my guy friends in Manila who are bikers. They encouraged me to join them in their biking sessions but the problem was I didn’t know how to bike. I have a poor balance. I also remember how they convinced our other friend who has a car to buy car bike racks. They want us to join them on their bike stunt practices and when they’re tired practicing, they don’t have to bike all the way home. They can join us in the car and use the bike racks for their bikes. But they were not able to convince our friend.

Although I don’t know how to bike, it has been my dream to have one because I want to learn how to ride it. I am not dreaming of an expensive bike like my friends’ bikes. The usual bike is enough for me. Before, I consider a bike luxury instead of a need. But now I’m seeing it as a thrift substitute for motorbike.

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