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Attended An Adult’s Fellowship

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My husband and I with our daughter, joined other eleven adults of our church and visited the newly started mission work in Banalo, Bacoor, Cavite. The purpose of the visit was to have a fellowship with the “new born babe” adults in the mission work and to encourage them to be strong in the Lord’s work. The theme of the fellowship was “Strengthening the Pillars”.

Before the actual program started, we had the opportunity to go out and knock on the doors of the houses and share the Good Tidings. The newly converts served as our guide in the area.  The people there were receptive of the Word of God. After hearing the Gospel, they decided to accept the Lord as their Lord and Savior. We got their names and addresses so the mission pastor could visit them and made a follow-up.  After the saturation drive, we had our lunch and the program started immediately after.

It was indeed a blessing to meet the new believers in the work. They were on fire to serve the Lord. It was also a blessing to be an instrument of their encouragement. And because the program was for the adults of the church, the highschoolers and the juniors were the ones in-charged in the kitchen. My daughter also enjoyed her time with her new friends. She had a great time playing with other kids there.

I praise and thank God for the Work in Banalo, for the mission Pastor and his family whom God had chose to lead the work, for the souls who were added to the church and for the souls who were won for Christ yesterday. It is my desire and prayer for the work to continue to grow and win more souls for Christ.

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