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Causes Of Dark Circles Under Eyes

  • Sumo

There is an adage that says “Eyes are the window to the soul” but what if instead of our eyes, the first thing that people noticed in our face is the dark circles under our eyes? Instead of them seeing our soul through our eyes, we give them an impression that we are deprived of sleep. But do you know that not only sleep deprivation causes dark circles under eyes? Dark circles under eyes can also be due to water retention, dehydration, allergies, thinning skins, iron deficiency anemia or probably it simply runs in your blood.

Since I also have these noticeable dark circles under my eyes, upon checking the causes, I also checked the possible solutions. To ensure that my body has enough liquid, I need to consume 2.6 liters of liquid everyday (that much!!!). I also need to minimize the intake of salty food to avoid water retention. And to protect the skin under the eyes, it is suggested to apply a sunscreen with minimum of SPF 30 to prevent skin weakening caused by sun damage. There are other more solutions but what the cheapest, easiest and most favorable to me is to get enough sleep :D.

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