Color Blind Test

  • Sumo

Are you color blind? Do you want know if you are? Check this sites. and

This morning, my colleague identified a green button as gray. I asked another colleague to get another answer. And our answers are the same, the button is green. So I inquire my first colleague if she is color blind and ask her if she already undergone a color blind test. She thought I was referring to an internet site so I asked Mr. Google if there is an online Color Blind Test. And there is! Although it is just s sample test, you can already identify if you are color blind or not.

By observation, I know that my husband has a problem identifying colors. Just to confirm that he is really color blind and not just having a problem identifying the color names, ๐Ÿ˜€ I let him took the exam. And indeed, he is a color blind.

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