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Daughter At 7 Months

  • Sumo

Daughter turned 7 months last September 27.

At seven months,

  • you can roll over very quickly
  • you do your mini-push ups often
  • your  first tooth came out two Sundays ago and there are two more coming-out
  • your done with one-kind-pureed food and had long started with combination of veggies like squash and Malunggay
  • you utter ma and other undecipherable sounds, often yells when you are happy
  • you love playing either with toys or other people and cries when suddenly left
  • and your favorite song is Cuppy cake song.

Little Darling, in no time, you will be as big as your ate now. Time will come that I could no longer carry you in my weakening arms but still, I could wrap my arms to you. Time will come that you will no longer suck my breast to satisfy your hunger but I would still remember that there was a time in your life that you see me as your BIG BOTTLE OF MILK. I know I can’t suspend the time to stop you from growing and I won’t still suspend it even if it is in my power to do it. Because that is selfishness. I also want you to experience the joy that I felt when God loaned you and your ate to me and to your dad.

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18 thoughts on “Daughter At 7 Months

  1. awww…. mommies talaga noh? 🙂 i became sentimental when i had my boy (he just turned 1 yesterday and my oh my does he look like a regular tot already!!!!)…. ambilis naman kasing lumaki… kakasenti talaga… 🙂

  2. So cute! Soon she will be walking and running na.. It hurts as mommies when our babies grow this fast but I’m sure we would rather it be this way than them not growing at all…

  3. Awww…congrats sis! Your daughter is really cute and adorable! She loves the Cuppy cake song? My son is also amazed with that song. 🙂

  4. I wanted to pinch her cheeks but not too much. So cute! I could almost hear the giggle that was about to erupt from that smile. Simply adorable little girl.

  5. Savor every bits of it while she is still a baby.. time goes by so fast and be you knew it you can carry her anymore and sure your milk is not enough for her to feed when she is hungry 🙂 Visiting from ComEx Oct9..

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