Dream Home

  • Sumo

How do you want your dream home to look like? Do you want it to have a formal or casual look? Do you want a minimalist or a baroque styled house? Each one of us has our dream dwelling place.

My dream home is just a simple house standing in the center of a quite big area. Yes, I am dreaming of a quite big land but not so big. In that land, I want to have my kids a playing area where they can run endlessly until they get tired. I also want to have a part for a vegetable garden and the rest of the area is a habitation of fruit-bearing trees.

The house is a typical country-side house, made of wood and other natural materials. It is okay to have some part of the house made of concrete but as a whole I want to have a rustic look. I don’t like so many appliances and furniture. For the appliances, I would only acquire those which are really needed. For the furniture I’ll go for rustic furniture  because woods bring a feeling of coolness. I noticed that houses made of woods are colder than that of sealed with concrete.

How about you? Do you have planned your dream house in your mind?

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