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It was last last Saturday when the OB confirmed through sonogram that my second child is another baby girl. Hubby and I and our daughter are praying for a boy but God will give us another baby girl. Well, whatever God’s purpose on giving us another girl, I trust that it is the best and we are all thankful for that.

Just like the other baby things we haven’t secured yet, we haven’t decided on the name of our second child yet. We were teasing our daughter if it is okay that she and her sister share the same name, Jyma Sciezka. She very much disagrees! She even suggested naming her sister Dora – the main character in her favorite cartoon show Dora the Explorer. I told her that her name is rare if not unique so her sister’s name should also be rare. She answered that we just add Princess, so it will be Princess Dora – one of the episodes in the show. This made us realized that Dora’s influenced to my daughter is too much 😀

Hubby and I are still praying for the name of our second child. Do you have any suggestion?

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