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Horizontally Challenged Suffers Inferiority Complex

  • Sumo

Being fat is not easy. There are so many disadvantages when one is fat. Aside from the health concerns, I realized that being horizontally challenged also caused inferiority complex. The teasings, sarcasms, insults coming from the people around an overweight person make him/her feel less confident. And so am I. Though, i don’t get offended by the teasings (I even tease myself for the extra bulges), I noticed that the little confidence in me is getting out of my hand. The most obvious evidence is my camera shyness. This is the reason why I don’t have much photos of me on my site. I am ashamed of my figure. And the solution, as my dear husband’s comment, is to have a proper diet.

For my weight, I don’t think I need to take diet pills yet. But if I didn’t control my appetite and continue to gain pounds kilos , I might consider taking ephedra diet pills to help me lose some pounds. When this need arise, it is already a red signal for me and only means that I should already be alarmed of my health.

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