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House Fixes – Whose Responsibility?

  • Sumo

Our rented apartment needs many fixes; leaking roof,  cheap broken sink filter,  century-old rotten comfort room door, too old defective electrical outlets and many more. We raised the issues to the landlord and he is very willing to call someone to fix these things. In one condition, we will shoulder the expense. Duh? The first question that came in to my mind was “Do we own the house that we need to invest on these fixes?“. Followed by, “Isn’t it is their responsibility to fix them and maintain the units since they earning from the rentals?” The fixes are not for luxurious conveniences but are basic house maintenance. If I requested for walk in tubs, I will definitely shoulder the expense because this is just an added luxury. For the said problems, I have no plan to invest a single cent on them because sooner or later we will leave this unit. All the money I’ will put to these fixes will just be put to naught. I will only force myself to spend for the unit’s fixes if the damage will hinder us to do our daily tasks. Or probably better,  if we only find a new place. What do you think?

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5 thoughts on “House Fixes – Whose Responsibility?

  1. Since we are renting just like you Mommy, our landlord shoulders the expenses. Kaso lang the last time I was not able to deduct from the rent. Hinde kasi sya ang nakausap ko personal when I paid.

    1. Thanks Mommy Rubz. You are also the top commentator of this site for the month of April. You can find you badge on the the top right section 🙂

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