Husband’s Perfume

  • Sumo

Between me and Husband, Husband is more likely to wear a perfume before leaving the house. He is fond of perfumes and colognes though he always says that those who use perfumes are the ones who smell bad. And my usual answer is “So you probably smell so bad all time, huh!” He would just smile sheepishly and would claim that he is an exemption to the rule.

My husband’s colognes are inexpensive because they are not designer brand. As a matter of fact, he is very much contented with Oxygen’s Static which only cost him a little more than 300 pesos per bottle. He has been using this for years even before we transferred here in Bohol.  I also like the smell of this cologne because it is not too strong but it lasts quite long. The fragrance is still in the clothes even after a laundry is done. But when last bottle was consumed, we could not find an Oxygen boutique here in Bohol, hence, we could not buy a new bottle. Good thing when my friend’s relatives visited us last December, they gave my husband a small bottle Hugo Boss perfume while I got an Escada. This made husband and I very happy. My husband’s perfume is long consumed while mine is still almost full. So now, my husband is looking for a replacement and he is eyeing one of BENCH’s fragrances for men.

So now, who’s vain?

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