Medical Equipment Advancement

  • Sumo

Technology has gone so far we admit it or not its advancement brings some benefits especially in the field of medicine. I am fascinated how the hospital equipments advance through the past years. Just to take for example the sonogram, before the only available sonogram is the black and white. Now, 4D is getting more popular for soon mommy to be.

There are also hospital equipments that can now be bought for home use just like the Glucometer which is use to measure the blood sugar, ekg machines for home ECG and the most common is Sphygmomanometer, the apparatus used to measure blood pressure. These equipments are portable and are usually easy to use for the common and non – medical oriented users.

I can say that these kinds of technology advancements benefit many people. It saves the users the time and effort of going to the medical laboratory. In the convenience of their homes they can monitor their statistics. It also saves them some money because medical laboratory costs so much especially here in the Philippines. My father who has diabetes is one of the beneficiaries of these kinds of portable medical devices. Kudos to the inventors of these devices!

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