Arts And Music Exposure

  • Sumo

My daughter who is only four years old can read stories and can read her PACES without or with little corrections. She can now blend sounds to pronounce the words properly. Her reading skill is a big help for her to learn new songs. We will just hand her a copy of the song and let her read it several times to memorize the unfamiliar words. When she’s already familiar with the words, she and her father will start practicing the song until she memorized the entire song. Now she can sing with clear and correct words.

As a mother, I am happy that at my daughter’s age, she can already read. But aside from academic learning, I also desire her to be good if not to excel in other areas like art and music. I remember that on her earlier age, we made a sheep with cotton balls fleece. Recently, she brought home drawings of Cristy – the girl in her PACES, and dresses. According to her, her teacher gave her the drawings for her to color and to cut them to be paper dolls. After she colored the drawings, I cut them for her.

This summer I am thinking of activities that will occupy her time. I might find someone who can teach her to play an organ. I will also look for personalized art for kids which can make her busy during her idle time. During the vacation, I want to expose her to other activities besides studying which she can do on the coming school year.

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