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When we arrived here in BOHOL almost a month ago, we didn’t immediately stay in the parsonage – the place where we stay now. We stayed in our new pastor’s house for two days. My daughter was so amazed with the house. There were so many things inside the house that were new to her just like the round table with rotating top. She kept on asking why it rotates. So one time we allowed her to rotate it by herself to appease her curiosity. Placemats were also new to her because we don’t use them at home.  The never ending why’s were heard again. She also loved to sit on the beautiful sofa but sometime she could not control herself to lie there. The Hunter fans and chandeliers didn’t also escape her eyes. The “wows”, “beautiful”, “gusto ko to (I like this)” never left her lips. For her the house was a castle and she was a princess. She also thought that the house is called Bohol. So when we finally left the house and settled to the parsonage, she kept on asking us to return to BOHOL. So we explained to her that we were still in BOHOL.

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  1. Hello! Nice to hear you are settlling in Bohol. We are planning to go there when we have our vacation – siguro by June. Is it really nice there like what other people say? God bless.

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